Thursday, January 3, 2008

Comfort vs. Peace

As I ponder upon comfort and peace, I turn my eyes toward the Lord wondering what He would have to say. Is comfort Biblical? How about peace? I honestly believe that we should have peace in our lives because of the Lord Jesus Christ, but comfort? When I think of being comfortable, I think of sitting back and relaxing and being content with where I am at. I'm not sure that is necessarily Biblical. If we get to comfortable with where we are at, are we going to grow in our relationship with the Lord. I don't think we are very apt to grow. I believe we will begin to rely upon ourself instead of relying on the Lord for our ever need. An earthly example of this would be if we are cuddled down under a nice warm featherbed. If we are comfy and warm, we aren't likely to get up and stoke the wood burner that heats our house. Why should we, we're warm. I think the same can be true with our Lord. If we are all cozy with the way life is going, aren't we more apt to depend upon ourself instead of Him. We like to be comfortable but that isn't always best. As for me, I have seen that when I am comfortable, I am not nearly as apt to turn to the Lord in the little daily things of life like He wants. I can, also, look back to see that when I have been put in uncomfortable situations, I am much more apt to turn to the Lord for even the little things. I don't think any of us like it when we are uncomfortable but praise the Lord if we grow in Him through our discomfort. As much as I prefer to be comfortable, I am so thankful for those times of discomfort knowing that I am more likely to grow in the Lord. Now this said, in
II Cor. 1:3, Acts 9:31, & Psalms, it speaks of God being our comfort. When I think of it in that mind set, I think of being more at peace. I want and should be at peace with the Lord. To me that means I will be trusting God in all that is happening in life whether that is good or bad, big or small. I need to stay focused upon Him and continue to allow Him to grow and stretch me in my daily walk with Him. I should be rejoicing when I feel that I am being stretched from my comfort zone knowing that God is doing a work in my life.