Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life in a Nutshell

Wow, a lot has been happening. I have been so blessed with all that has gotten down around the house between my dad & Greg. My electric heat is now hooked up in the frontroom & back entry. I now have a light in the back entry that had gotten hidden. My dad did a great job finding it & getting it hooked up. (What would I do without my dad?) My dad & Greg ran a sidewalk around to the back door. (It was great timing to start going with Greg last spring. He really didn't like the mud to get to the back door.) They, also, got some siding to put on where the garage had been turned into my living room & back entry. Greg was able to get the paint & get in painted before it got too cold. It looks really nice now (yes, Dawn, I will get a picture some day.).

We are now starting the count down until our wedding. It is less than 1 week. I see the week feeling very long as Saturday can't come soon enough, yet it will go very fast. I have way too many goals set for myself (& Greg). I don't know that I will be able to get them all done, but I am sure I will try. Greg is being very patient with me. The plans for the wedding really doesn't require a lot of my attention. However, I want to get Holly's stuff packed up from her bedroom as that is the bedroom Greg & I will use. I am hoping Heidi will come to pack her stuff. We got beds moved around this past Saturday but still need to get the boxspring over for our bed. I need to make it through the week with school. I would like to finish getting the photos put in the albums. I need to get the boys bedroom ready, & I would like to get our bedroom organized. Then, if that isn't enough I could always dream big & get the home videos all caught up, but I KNOW that isn't happening. Of course, sometime before it snows it would be good to get the trampoline down & the yard raked. We have a "ton" of leaves. If things go right, maybe the kids can do those last too things while we are gone, but I am not going to be really hopefull on that either. I suppose sometime in there I, also, need to pack. I am very thankful that I don't have to pack the kids. That will make life easier.


Susan said...

OK I am wore out time for a coffee break!! (: We are happy for you as well with everything!!!!!!!

Christy said...

I cannot wait to see wedding pictures!!!!! I am so happy for you! God bless you, Greg, and all of your family.

Drifters said...

Will the big day has come and gone and you can relax and enjoy the honeymoon!! We are so blessed to have you in our family Greg. May the Lord bless you and the gang!!

Tamara said...

Can't wait to see a post of your wedding. :)